7 months, 12 countries

Hello from Romania!! I’m currently in a village called Prod (5 hours out of Bucharest), with a youth group from Skien in Norway, to serve with some missionaries out here. We have been doing everything from digging deep holes for fences and toilets to running a children’s camp for around 100 kids from the surrounding villages!! It’s been an intense week so far with very very little sleep, but it’s definitely been a week to remember

As a team, we have been so blessed out here. We have met so many kind and loving people, most which have very little but yet gave so much. I think I’ve sung heads, shoulders, knees and toes a million and one times now, but seeing how happy these kids are when they dance makes every second here worth it!!

Thank you to everyone who kept our team in their prayers while we’ve been here!! All 17 of us have loved being out here and have fallen in love with the people here! We’ve preached, prayed, worshipped, sang a LOT of kids songs, got absolutely soaked (being a leader on a water obstacle course doesn’t leave your clothes or shoes very dry…) , laughed, cried and we all have felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to be out here! Thankful for Jesus for his constant protection and provision!

We arrive back into Norway late on the 7th August, where a few of us go straight from the airport to help run the youth programme in YWAM Norway’s National summer gathering (not to mention 4 days of camping…) what’s sleep again??

Just incase you were thinking you’ve misread the heading of this update, you were not!! Somehow I have been to 12 counties this year!!!! From Norway to Romania, Turkey and Austria just to name a few! God has been so faithful and it’s definitely been a unforgettable 7 months! However before the craziness of summer, I graduated from my DTS!

From September ’18 to May ’19, I have been doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in a place called Skien, 2 and a half hours south of Oslo in Norway. The people in the photo above are honestly amazing. They have been the best travel partners and the best of friends. I’m so grateful for each and every one of them, for the way they’ve encouraged me, laughed with me, prayed and cried with me and just been there always, I can truly say that they are my family! Even though we’re now all scattered around the world, I’m so proud of all of them and I can’t wait to see what God does in their lives in the next few years!!

Here are some highlights from the year:

During DTS I was in Norway, Nepal, India and Germany, all of which I had never been to! However I didn’t have much planned for summer. But I was really praying that I could keep going on mission trips. I have such a love for taking youth on short term mission trips because my first mission trip to Kenya impacted my life so much and gave me such a strong realisation of how important The Great Commission is. And now, nearly 3 months after graduating, I have been to 8 more countries, most of them on mission, and I’ve seen God act in incredible ways in so many different cultures.

It started by going to a conference in Vienna, Austria called awakening Europe in early June. It started off a bit crazy because me and my boyfriend Hayden decided that flying was too normal, so we flew back to England from Norway to get my car and then DROVE to Austria!!! It took us 2 days as we stopped over in Frankfurt in Germany overnight to visit some of our German friends from DTS!

When we arrived in Vienna, it got even crazier!!! This conference was INSANE! The day’s were made up of morning and evening meetings as well as afternoon evangelism, where both myself and Hayden got to lead teams. 10,000 people who love Jesus flooding Vienna with the love of Jesus, we caused quite a stir! Over the course of 3 days, 800 people got saved !!šŸ™ŒšŸ¼ God is so good!

Straight after Awakening Europe (with a quick stop over in Czech Republic on the way back, because when you’re that close you have to!) we headed back in my car to England as 2 days later we were going to Turkey!!

Turkey was possibly one of the craziest trips I’ve been on as I knew very little about where we were going and the culture there. Just before we were due to leave for awakening Europe, Hayden’s friends over in Turkey sent him a message asking if he wanted to come back for a few weeks to run the youth programme! So we booked tickets and once we were back from our roadtrip to Austria, we caught a flight to Turkey, along with our friend Dan!

We were there for 2 weeks, working in a school that the Church puts on for Syrian refugees as well as building relationships with the youth there. We were there during the election time and I’ve never seen so many people celebrate and election result!! The youth there asked so many questions about God and one even decided to get baptised!!!

Since then, I’ve been back home in England for 3 weeks, visiting family and friends and seeing my Dad get married! I also somehow managed a girls trip to France for 3 days!!

What now though??

Well, I have decided to stay on in Norway for another year, working with YWAM by staffing this years DTS! The DTS starts this September and graduates next May. I am SO excited for this years DTS, and I can’t wait to see what God does in the next coming months!

Prayer Points:

  • For more DTS applications for this September and peace for those who have already been accepted
  • For financial monthly supporters
  • For the youth group that I’ve been with here in Romania, that their boldness will keep growing
  • Provision for a Church in a Roma village here in Romania to buy a building for their church


I really believe that God has called me into full time missions and that he will provide for all of my financial needs. I just want to extend an invitation if you fee

Firstly I want to stress that my heart is not to pressure anyone into giving money. I know that God will provide so there is no pressure on you to give. One of the biggest ways to support me is through prayer, and I’m so thankful for everyone who have covered me in prayer so far !! I just want to extend the opportunity to give if you would like to join. 

If you feel like you would like to support me monthly, or with a one time gift, you can do so through the link below or contact me if you need help / more information (eg my bank details or help with paypal )

My paypal account is: hannahplace1100@outlook.com

This year has been amazing and beyond my wildest dreams – I am definitely living the dream! God has done so many incredible things this year, things I definitely didn’t see coming, and so I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next year!!


Hannah x

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