Back to prison life

Hello from Norway! Firstly let me apologise for the delay in posting my blog… I try to post at least every 2 months but recently I’ve struggled to get one out, but I’ll try and update you on everything that I can!!

Let me give you a quick recap but keep reading for exciting news !!

  • I am currently staffing this years Impact DTS (the same school I did last year), so I’m back to living in the good old prison
  • I have just caught my 31st flight of this year after being in Poland on a YWAM Skien base trip for 3 days (not too proud about my carbon footprint but in awe of home much God has provided for me!)
  • I gained one more monthly financial supporter so thank you for your prayers🙌🏼
  • And last but not least, the outreach location has been decided for this years DTS !!!

Since the last post, things have been getting crazier back in Skien as this is my first time staffing a Discipleship Training School (DTS). The school is now in full swing, we are now just about to finish up for Christmas after what has been and incredible 3 month lecture phase!

We have 8 students: an American, a Canadian, a Dutchie, a Kenyan, 2 Germans and 2 Norwegians!!

I love getting to help run their school, each one of them are so great and make all the preparation and planning SO worth it!! God has been doing some amazing things! Healing both inside and out and clearly speaking to so many of our students! It’s so exciting to see them flourish and learn and I love having the opportunity to stand alongside them and grow with them!!

I also have a wonderful staff team! I love running this school with them – they truly are wonderful and I am so thankful to staff with them ❤️

Talking of DTS’s, back in October I got the opportunity to go and visit 2 of my friends from my own DTS! Max and Janina, both German, are currently doing a School of Worship in another YWAM base in Hernnhut, Germany! It was so lovely to see them and stay in their new base and be with them for 3 days! When you live with people for 9 months, travel the world with them on misson and watch God do incredible things with them BUT then they move, you certainly start to miss them very quickly!! I also got the opportunity to meet up with one of my friends who I used to work with in Wales back in Summer ’18, who is staffing a DTS at the same base!!! Talk about a small world!! 🌎

Here are some pictures from our time together (not to mention that they now live in an old castle… some might say an upgrade from our lovely old prison!!!)

Onto the news you’ve all been waiting for, the location for this years Impact DTS Outreach!! Originally I thought that we would all go to Nepal, as we witnessed revival starting to break out there – especially in the slums, however as we spent time as a DTS staff team praying and asking God where He wanted us, a country kept coming up that none of us expected!!

SO… at the end of January, myself, Thora and Ben (2 great people who I get to staff with) will take the DTS to BRAZIL !!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

This is a country that none of us saw coming, but as we prayed more and more we realised that this is where God was directing us to take our team! We asked the students to also pray, not for a specific location necessarily, but for anything they felt God was saying about our outreach! They wrote it all down and then as staff we went and continued to pray. Later, after we had talked about Brazil we looked at the pieces of paper and so many of them got the same as we did – regarding ministries and things we would be doing!! While we are there, there is a massive mission event called The Send which we will be attending (if you don’t know what they are they check out the link!) We will also be in Brazil for the time of Carnival where we will team up with a ministry team in São Paulo to do street evangelism during this event! God has certainly got something great in store for this DTS outreach and we are so excited to see what is going to happen and what fruit will be brought out of our time there!

I am now in my final couple of weeks at the base before Christmas! Sadly I won’t be coming back to England this year as I will be going to America for Christmas!! My boyfriend Hayden is from Pennsylvania and is currently home with his family so they very kindly have blessed me with a trip to the US so I can meet them all and celebrate Christmas with them! I have never been to America so I am very excited (I also haven’t seen Hayden in person in 3 months, so I’m very excited for that as well!!) 10 days to go!!!✈️ ➡️ 🇺🇸


Recently God has been speaking to me a lot about healing. I love praying for people but recently I have seen so many healings I have lost track!

Recently I got to preach at a Church in Arendal called Filadelfia. I felt the Lord tell me to preach on healing so that’s what I did! A few months ago I received healing in my leg, as my left leg was around 3cm shorter than my right leg. It’s something that has never really caused me pain, but it was very noticeable! I went forward to be prayed for by one of my friends from Jesus Revolution (another mission organisation based in Oslo) and my leg grew out!! It was something I’d never witnessed myself, so praise Jesus!!! My legs are now the same length🙌🏼

After I had finished preaching and sharing this story, the youth leader of the Church told me to go and stand at the back in case people wanted to be prayed for. He wasn’t sure if anyone would come forward, but he said to do it and see what happened! And well, I think I was praying for people for around 2 hours !!!! Holy Spirit really met people and we got to see a lot of healings! I was there praying with the students (so cool to see them step out) and one girl came up to me and said “I have the same problem in my leg”. Her left leg was shorter than her right leg! So we prayed and immediately her leg started to grow and they became the same length! The rest of the night she spent crying and worshipping her King! I spoke to her 2 days later and she told me that she had had back pain for many years in connection with her leg. The meeting was very loud so we couldn’t talk much but the next thing she said was incredible… SHE HADN’T HAD ANY PAIN SINCE!!!!! God is so good!!

Prayer Points:

As for prayer points, there is a lot that needs to be sorted and planned in the next coming weeks as we leave for outreach in 6 and a half weeks so it’s going to be very busy time, but I always am in need of more of God’s wisdom! I am so thankful for everyone who has been praying and interceding for me since I left the UK, and I know that your prayers work so thank you so much!!

As for specific points you can pray for, here is this years list:

  • For wisdom for a new opportunity that has come up for me that could mean another year in Norway before Nepal
  • For the DTS students, that they will continue to be open to whatever God is speaking to, and teaching, them, and that as a class we will continue to grow closer to eachother and to Jesus
  • For my relationship with Hayden, that we will continue to grow as a couple despite many thousands of miles apart and a 6 hour time difference
  • For financial blessings for outreach (and I have been definitely blessed in the past weeks and months – every bill has been paid, including extra bills that I wasn’t expecting, your prayers work!!!!)
  • For strength for my family after a recent passing of a loved one


I really believe that God has called me into full time missions and that he will provide for all of my financial needs. I just want to extend an invitation if you feel that you want to join me.

Firstly I want to stress that my heart is not to pressure anyone into giving money. I know that God will provide so there is no pressure on you to give. One of the biggest ways to support me is through prayer, and I’m so thankful for everyone who have covered me in prayer so far !! I just want to extend the opportunity to give if you would like to join. 

If you feel like you would like to support me monthly, or with a one time gift, you can do so through the link below or contact me if you need help / more information (eg my bank details or help with paypal )

My paypal account is:

I am so thankful for all your prayers and financial support, it really means the absolute world to me!! Feel free to drop me a message anytime about what I’m doing or if you just want to catch up (or you can always come and visit – £9.99 flights to Norway just saying…) Also, if you have any prayer requests please please message me as I’d love to be praying for you – it’s not just me who needs prayer!!!

Be blessed,

Hannah x

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  1. Wow,Wow,Wow!!!! You are having such an amazing experience. Very proud of you. Happy Christmas to you and Hayden. Fantastic pictures. Always in my prayers. Love Ronnie x

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  2. So inspiring Hannah, your Mum would be incredibly proud of you and all you have achieved in your relatively short life. God bless you and continue to answer your prayers. So happy for you and Hayden. xxx

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