A New Chapter

Two years ago, I packed up everything and with 2 *over the limit* suitcases I moved to Norway, excited for new adventures and to see where God would take me! My time there has been one I never could have even imagined. I grew closer in my relationship with God and my heart for mission went from doubt to discipleship. I learnt how to lead boldly, love powerfully and how to trust wholeheartedly. I went from being a student, to a staff and then to a school leader. Every role was a journey and a learning experience. I am still continuing to learn and grow, but now I am no longer in Norway..

YWAM Skien by sunset

A lot of people have heard or seen that I have just moved to Sheffield! Well the rumours are true, I am back living on UK soil!! Two weeks ago I moved from Skien, Norway into a flat in Sheffield! This is something I never saw coming, and a process which has caused me to cling onto my faith as it was not an easy decision. I had only been to Sheffield once before for a weekend in 2017 and when I left I said I would never return as I could not understand the one way driving system! Maybe God was just using that line against me in humour, who knows! Nevertheless, the city of Sheffield is where my next chapter of life is beginning!

The Journey from Skien to Sheffield

Back in early 2019, Hayden was thinking about his next steps as he had to leave Norway that year as his VISA was about to expire. Whilst thinking about what to do next, a good friend from YWAM spoke to him about this awesome guy in Sheffield who was leading a Church and that he would be really good to partner with (at this time, Hayden and I were not yet a couple so I didn’t know about this until much later…) Hayden didn’t think much about it as he was planning on going to Nepal for some months, so put this idea of Sheffield to the back of his mind. Flash forward to this January, I began wrestling with myself whether to stay in Norway for another year or not. I love Norway and the people with all of my heart, however I began to feel like it was maybe time for a new season. With Nepal on my heart, you can imagine the confusion when I started to think of Sheffield! After a few days of confusion, I mentioned it to Hayden and immediately he remembered the conversation he had had a year ago with our friend! This intrigued us both, however I was about to leave for Brazil so I put the thought on hold, however once arriving in Brazil the idea of Sheffield became even brighter! I was debating bringing up my studies to this September, however then Covid and lockdown happened which spun my head into even more confusion as to what was next! My heart and possessions were in Norway, Hayden was stuck in Asia and couldn’t get home and the rest of the school (DTS) I was leading was cancelled! It seemed like everything was going wrong and my hope started to shake, but with God there is always a way. Hayden was able to get to the UK and spend lockdown with my family and I, my team that I had been in Brazil with were all safe and then the opportunity came up to do an online Bible school that I had always wanted to do!

If you read my last blog, you will have read that I was just starting a 3 month Bible school called a ‘DBS’ – Discipleship Bible School. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me, send me messages of encouragement and attended my final presentation over zoom! I have graduated from that school now and did very well, so thank you to everyone who supported me along the way! My final presentation was recorded and I now have access to my recording so if you missed it and would like it I would love to send it to you! I did have some WiFi problems during my presentation so the sound isn’t great, but I am working on improving it so that it is clear!!

With Hayden and I being in the same country, planning and praying about Sheffield became a lot easier! In June, when lockdown started to ease, we travelled up to Sheffield to meet the team running the Church in Sheffield that we had heard so much about (socially distanced of course!!) This is when our prayers and ideas came into action and our dreams started coming into reality. We shared our heart for ministry and for Nepal to which the church welcomed us with open arms!

This is the Church that we are now a part of called Wadsley parish Church

SO, that’s the fun and crazy story of how I ended up in Sheffield! It may sound exciting (which it is!!), but the journey to here was difficult at many stages. After our initial meeting with the Church in June, I made a list of everything I needed to do before September. Most of my lists include items to get from Tesco or packing lists for when I travel, however this list included:

  • Find somewhere to live
  • Have access to a car
  • Find a job

So easy things right… ??! Making that list was one of the most daunting things I’ve ever done! I had so much doubt in my mind and decided to not go public with the decision to move to Sheffield as I didn’t know how to answer the questions that I knew I would receive. However, one by one things came together.

Here is me with my keys standing outside my cute little flat. I am flat sharing with a lovely girl from the church and we have been moved in a little over 2 weeks now! I also now have a car, which is crazy because it’s my dads previous car (instead of trading it in to get his new one I bought it off him!!). However that just left quite an important one, employment. Although I was going to do ministry with the church, I also wanted to get a job that would help me become a qualified nurse. If this is news to you, surprise!!! As of next September 2021 I am planning on starting my nursing degree at Sheffield Hallam University. Nursing is something that’s been on my heart since my time in Nepal in January 2019, and now it’s exciting that it’s being brought into reality. This blog was originally supposed to have been posted last weekend, however I got an email a few days ago inviting me for an interview, so I thought I’d wait and see what happened. And now, as of yesterday, the final item has been crossed off my list! I am now working for BUPA Healthcare in Sheffield as a nursing/carer assistant! There were so many times I thought I was mad making the decision to move (which some would say I still am!) however I have seen Gods faithfulness and will continue to say yes and amen to His promises!

Students of the Impact 2019-2020 DTS

Before moving into my flat, I was able to return to Norway to throw the students of the Impact DTS their graduation, 4 months after it was originally was supposed to be! Despite not seeing each other since our time in Brazil, all students were able to be there and as a base we got to celebrate them! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been their staff and despite our very weird year with covid restrictions, I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe having more time with them!!). I am so proud of every single one of them and can’t wait to see how much more they grow as they continue staffing at the base! During their graduation I was also prayed for and ‘sent out’ from the base, in which there was a lot of tears and hugs. I will always have a piece of Norway in my heart and will for sure be going back as soon as I am able to!

So there is my life for the past few months! I hope this gives clarity as to what I am up to now! Thank you so much for investing me, praying for me and encouraging me, especially through my time in YWAM. I am so grateful for each and every one of you for helping bring my dreams into reality! From all my heart, thank you ❤️

One of my last photos outside YWAM Skien, Norway
Prayer Points
  • That starting my job will be smooth and that I will settle in quickly
  • That Hayden’s Visa will come through without problems (He has been back in the States since the beginning of August reapplying for his UK visa)
  • For wisdom when applying for university

All my love, blessings and thanks, Hannah x

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